Carpet Cleaning and Shampooing Specialists


Located right in the heart of Las Vegas, we are the prime rug cleaning business in the area and have a long standing track record for success. In the years that we have been in operation, we have been servicing the community with the best rug cleaning service around. In addition to cleaning rugs, we are the prime supplier for carpet shampooers in the area. Carpet cleaning is one of those things that everyone can do, but not everyone can do well.

But that is okay, because not everyone needs to do it well. We have training in the field of carpet cleaning and believe that it is our calling to make the cleanest rugs in Las Vegas. Part of what we do is to connect with the community and give our customers the best in service without all of the cost. When it is all said and done, giving back to the community is how we make our living and how we make ourselves happy.

The future of the game

The future of our business and the future of the Oriental rug business are closely tied. Businesses must learn that for this commodity to stay popular, it needs to be able to be afforded by everyone. If people continue to pay too much for luxury goods like Oriental rugs, the business suffers as a whole. The best we can hope is that companies continue to follow our example and start offering these services for a much lower price.

Essentially we want a world where carpet and rug repair is affordable and in following our lead, that customers are treated with the utmost dignity and respect. This has been our motto since we started and continues to be in the future. Welcome to the best carpet cleaning service on the market .