Bob Taylor’s Ranch House


Where: Suburban

Address: 6250 Rio Vista Street, Las Vegas, NV 89130

Phone: +1 702 645 1399

Website: Click here


Bob Taylor’s Ranch House is a hit and miss kind of place which is known for its history (it’s been here since 1955). It is most popular with locals. It’s a fair way from downtown and the Strip, and has seen better days.

It is touted as the oldest steakhouse in town and has a countrified look and feel. It is more of a diner than a restaurant. It’s comfy enough and comes with a sports bar and a Western-themed dining hall which both serve good steak and seafood.

The food here is typically decent and wholesome, though many diners are put off by the somewhat dingy look and severe lack of glitz that you get along the Strip. This can also be part of the appeal of Bob Taylor’s Ranch House however, for those who consider dining to be all about the food.

Dress is casual and kids and groups are welcome. Bob’s is fairly subdued most nights, although it livens up when a game is on in the sports bar. There are cheaper out of town alternatives but nothing much in this price range for a decent steak on the Strip.

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