Rug Repair and Carpet Movers LV


Rug repair is what we have had a passion for for more than 10 years. Since we started this company, we have built up a large collection of professionals all with rug cleaning experience. Using the latest in high tech equipment, we have used our travel knowledge of the area to become the best in the area. We travel around Las Vegas gathering not only people that share our passion for rug cleaning, but customers that can give us feedback on how to better serve them. That is why we have built the customer base we have and why we are rated number one in the area for all carpet cleaning needs.

The rug and carpet is the centerpiece of the room. The first thing that people see and the item that really ties the room together. This is why it is so important to keep the rug clean and carpets looking their best. There is nothing like a clean rug to make an impression, and this is why we got into the business in the first place.

The first thing is you

As much as we are passionate about rugs, the thing we are the most passionate about is our customers. We have by far the best customer service in the area, which is why we have the business that we do. Our company is built around a community of informed customers that have what it takes to help our business grow. Customers are the backbone to our business which is why we have made it a point to hone our cleaning skills to their satisfaction.

At our company you always come first. Our rug cleaning and repair is second to none and if you give us a chance we will prove our worth to you. See what knowledge and dedication can do for you with the help of – affordable cheap prices.